Mobius Computers offers responsible e-waste recycling services to corporate facilities within the Bay Area. As a family-owned company with over 15 years experience, we understand the importance of recycling your electronic waste  in accordance with Local, State and Federal guidelines. E-waste is never shipped overseas! We also offer secure data destruction by transporting all received data units to a secure storage facility where technicians will wipe drives with DOD regulated software and non-functional devices will be magnetically then physically destroyed before recycling; and all CDs, DVDs, and other media will be shredded!

Please call us or email at to schedule your FREE corporate pick up today! Or you can bring your electronic waste to the Oyster Point Green Fair event for FREE safe and proper disposal courtesy of Mobius Computers.

The Planet's Most Powerful Solar®
With the most powerful solar energy systems on the planet you can virtually eliminate your electric bill and start saving from day one. Not only do high-efficiency solar panels from SunPower work harder for you day after day, they’ll also blend into your roof, thanks to the SunPower® Signature™ black solar panel design.

Peace of Mind for Years to Come
With the SunPower network of best-in-class solar panel installers you’ll have peace of mind knowing that a highly-trained local professional will handle all aspects of your solar installation, including design, permitting, access to financing, rebate processing and solar system maintenance. And, the SunPower industry-leading warranty will ensure that your investment in rooftop solar is protected for years to come.
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